Marc Gould - artist

Video Clips

Artenemys demo 8/12/17


More can been seen on his DVD Mezmerize Yourself which was shot at Marc’s studio near Aptos, California over the course of three days. Music for the Soundtrack comes from the vast archives of The Aptosians. Additional photography by Noah Gould and Gary Ruble. Produced by Anders Tomlinson.

Take a quick tour of Marc Gould’s art studio with host Dina Scoppettone. Here is where Marc makes things that make Marc Marc. To see more segments of Dina with Marc, his work and studio visit Art Talk Talks Marc.

Marc addresses privacy and the serendipitous title "Now For Sale And Very Exciting"


Marc recounts childhood weekend classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and why 'wet on wet' is the best way to go.

In this kind of painting there are no rules. Why do something you worry over? Marc keeps making art to stay "alive".